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 The Work

The impetus for the work comes from the discomfort one can experience in busy city centres. The paintings focus on the energy and activity generated by large crowds and the sensual overload found in these places.

Fundamentally placed between abstraction and figuration, the work uses the language of paint to investigate the sensations of being in frenetic urban spaces. Thisis an ideal in which to explore the space between the physical and mental realms, and how those relate to shape our identity.

Selected Exhibitions



Nought . One %                                   Chapman Gallery                          May 01

Group Show                                           International 3                                Oct 01 

Superstition                                           Rivington Gallery                          Oct. 00

Rent                                                        Kirkby Gallery                            April 00

John Moores 21 Open                          Walker Art Gallery                     Sept 99

 Lost in Space                                        Ikon Touring                               April 99

A Formal Engagement                         Turnpike Gallery                         May 99

10th Mostyn Open                                 Oriel Mostyn Gallery                   Dec 98

Bittersweet                                             Whitworth Art Gallery                 Nov 97

Stroke                                                     Castlefield Gallery                      Oct 97

Art 99                                                      Houldsworth Fine Art                 Jan 97

    Affordable art Exhibition                       Connaught Brown                       March 96

 Pulse                                                       Bluecoat Gallery                         Feb 96

John Moores 19 Open                          Walker Art Gallery                      Nov 96

Ten                                                          Cornerhouse                               Nov 95


 Features Project

The Features project is an ongoing project where participants are invited to fill in questionnaires about themselves. The completed forms are part of an ongoing art project concerning notions of visual language and picturing.

The first Features Questionnaire asks for a description of the face, some of the completed portraits have already been exhibited in Rent, a recent show at Kirkby Gallery.

If you wish to take part in Features, then you can request a form at:


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